Story of Spine

One day I found my favorite pair of jeans with an imprint that my wallet made after years of back pocket wear and tear. I decided to become a front-pocket-wallet-man. When I started to explore different wallet designs, I could not find a wallet that was slim enough to fit comfortably in my front pocket, nor a wallet that had a slender form with a beautiful aesthetic.  

I found that many designers were overthinking what needed to be simple. After many explorations, I talked to my brother and we decided that we could create something better. We started out by subtracting every unnecessary item in the traditional wallet. By doing this, we created a wallet that demanded its holders to only carry the bare essentials. After many iterations, we found the perfect size, weight, and color combination for a minimalist wallet.

We set out to create the world's thinnest, most beautiful wallet; we believe that we have accomplished that mission with Spine. We hope it you like it too - enjoy!